Blue Jeans

Sep 27

Back in high school, we were allowed to wear dark denim pants to school paired with black shoes and white polo. That’s how cool UP High was back then (I bet your school didn’t allow that! LOL!). I am unsure if they still allow that now, though. I think administration has become stricter. Hahaha.
I remember donning a denim jacket every time I’d wear denim pants to school the whole senior year. It was my way of looking “cool” back then! Hahaha. Everybody wanted to have a trademark in high school. I think I wanted mine to be the denim jacket. Oh man, I suddenly miss high school!
Anyway, today’s look is inspired by my high school self, only “cooler”! Hahaha! If only clothes back then were as tailored and fitted like these pieces I am wearing now from Hang Ten, I would have rocked the look way damn more!

denim jacket – Hang Ten
button down – Hang Ten
tank – Hollister
pants – Topman
boots – Kenneth Cole

the fit of this Hang Ten denim jacket is just awesome!

thank you Mikki Galang and Hang Ten Philippines

Source: CatchG