Status Magazine x Perouvian Wasteland Exhibit

Oct 06

Last night, I attended the Status Magazine x Perouvian Wasteland Exhibit at the Ayala Musuem, Makati. Perouvian Wasteland is a one-night only exhibit that showcases the works of London based renowned photographer, Perou. The exhibit has 15 wall portraits of famous celebrities, 4 boxed portraits (voyeur’s delight), and a video projection that Perou describes “quite mesmerizing, but very gentle, unlike me.”
“Perou, a prolific photographer of the peculiar and perverse. Peek playful portraits of prominent persons, panoramas of puzzling pedestrian patterns, piles of apparel placed precariously upon professional poseurs, plus prickly passions and piquant provocateurs openly spied through peepholes. Proffered privately to privilege our precious pals, Perou promotes a picture’s power to pique participation and pool people to pursue the perseverance of art.”
guess who?1?
Katy Purr-y
Perou channeling Katy Perry
with JP Singson – to more vodkas and fashion conversations! lol
with Aie and Rosario Herrera of Status Magazine
l-r: Aie, the very quirky Perou, Rosario Herrara
JP Singson in his “Priest” peg… lol
Aie Corpuz is the Lady in the Dark… lol
blazer – Zara
shirt – Topman
pants – Topman
shoes – Kenneth Cole
watch – Technomarine
bracelet – Topman
necklace – El Bosquejo

See more of Perou’s work at his website HERE .

Source: Catch.G