Who Wore Marc Jacobs Better; UEE or Jung Ryeo Won?

Jul 12

Colveta urban fashion clothingColveta urban fashion clothing

UEE looked like a doll during a January photo shoot with Elle. One of the photos featured an embellished sheer top, with a contrasting white collar and cuffs. We could only catch a glimpse of her skirt, pale pink with a detailed black flower pattern.

Recent pictures show that that Jung Ryeo Won wore the same outfit back in December. She too looked stunning and feminine in the outfit at a press conference for SBS’s drama “Salaryman Chohanji.” In her pictures we can see the skirt in full, a high-waisted pencil skirt that hits just below the knees.

Colveta urban fashion clothingColveta urban fashion clothing

The blouse and skirt were designed by Marc Jacobs and featured in his 2011 Fall/Winter collection. The entire outfit exudes contrast. A feminine, flowing blouse with a sleek pencil skirt, a black pattern on pale pink, or the stark white collar on the sheer black blouse.

While UEE looked like a doll, Jung Ryeo Won looked like the epitome of elegance, begging the question of who wore it better?

Credit & Source: Fashion Runway- The K Way